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Gary Mayo is first and foremost


a Masterful body artist


With over 35,000 completed procedures in his state / county / city licensed facility


Gary has regularly performed over 80 different piercings & knows how to treat peoples needs


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Here you will also see tattoos, both traditional and eXotic



Has Over

In The Business Community Of Nebraska

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Over 50,000 visitors a year from all over the globe

Guns 2 Roses is

world famous and we have body arts on people everywhere

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quotes from the Health Dept & newspaper about Guns 2 Roses

"Good work providing sterilized ink and tattoo machines."  

Brian Hurst, Lancaster County Health Dept

"Professionally in the safety and sterility of Guns 2 Roses"

Lincoln Journal Star - Hilary Kindschun - Journalist

"Guns 2 Roses ..... There's no chance for hepatitis"


Lincoln Journal Star -  Kathryn Cates Moore - Journalist