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& Surface Piercings


Outplant is what Gary

calls single ended Surface piercings


Do you see no tension on the skin? 

 This is required for healing. 



This star pattern is done

with surface barbells

The hand piercing is done with

an exclusive single ball Outplant



See the small cheek piercing below?  That is an Outplant.

Once healed, jewelry is easily changed by the customer in any one of fifteen colors. 

The two photographs below are surface piercings.



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quotes from the Health Dept & newspaper about Guns 2 Roses


"Good work providing sterilized ink and tattoo machines."  

Brian Hurst, Lancaster County Health Dept


"Professionally in the safety and sterility of Guns 2 Roses"

Lincoln Journal Star - Hilary Kindschun - Journalist


"Guns 2 Roses ..... There's no chance for hepatitis"


Lincoln Journal Star -  Kathryn Cates Moore - Journalist