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Minimum Standards






There is a standard called APP  Association Of Professional Piercers.


They list several standards for piercers.


Their standard is a separate piercing room.  Would one artist per studio be a better standard than one artist per room? Yes


Their standard is autoclaving and then storing jewelry.  Would it be better to sterilize jewelry as needed?  Yes.


Their standard is an autoclave.  Would an all stainless steel autoclave be a better standard than a plastic autoclave? Yes


Their standard is internally threaded jewelry.  To use internally threaded jewelry, you run the higher risk of infection due to additional junction points in the assembly of this jewelry.  Would it be better to pierce with jewelry that reduces infections? Yes.


Their standard is a good standard, and in many ways, their recommendations could be thought of a basis of a minimum standard, however, a minimum standard is not good enough for many piercers and tattoo artists around the world.


We will join APP when they change to one artist per studio with a minimum of eight years storefront experience.  No cross contamination between artists areas is possible in a single artist studio.


We will join APP when they change to no presterilized jewelry, stored in plastic boxes for weeks and weeks.  Fresh sterilized is always better.


We will join APP when they recommend all stainless steel autoclaves which can be truly cleaned.  How do you sterilize a plastic autoclave inside and outside?


We will join APP when they accept the use of simpler jewelry that is easier to keep cleaned by the user inside their healing piercings.


APP is first and foremost, a lobby group to limit legislation in body arts. How does limiting legislation for piercers, contributing to the public safety?


While we applauded the efforts APP and other body arts associations (there are dozens and dozens of them, including one Nebraska based association), we think lobby groups established to lock down governmental standards have a focus point not clearly seen by the wearers of body arts.  


Want a studio as close to perfect as possible?


Look for a studio with one artist.  One artist is dependant on only one artrist.  No cross contamination from one or more sloppy artists while "Your" artist is not working.  


Look for a studio that has zero problems listed on the Nebraska Health dept web site.  Guns 2 Roses has achieved a zero complaint record and held that for over 11 years.


Look for an artist with 10's of thousands of jewelry choices made from 316-LVM,  316-L, or PTFE to ensure your piercing will heal, and also give you thousands of jewelry choices.


Look for an artist that numbs all piercings and tattoos to make your experience as comfortable as possible.


Look for an artist with at least 8 years of fulltime, storefront experience with a minimum of 2,000 procedures for each and every year he / she has been in business.  Gary Mayo has 11 years of experience owning Guns 2 Roses with over 35,000 procedures, and serves as the studios only artist, working seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.  


There is no safer place to get body arts, and we would love to serve you today!


If for some reason, Gary is too busy, or on a very seldom vacation, you may wish to look for a second best alternative, an APP piercer.



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