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Healing Times







(Different than wait time to change jewelry)


Wait time to change jewelry


Healing Times listed is only for a general reference if everything goes as planed.  If you do not do everything in your power to take care of your piercing, expect longer to much longer healing times.  If you do stupid things to or with your healing piercing expect a trip to the doctor or worse.  

Please read our Aftercare Information

Ampallang 4-6 months

Apadravya 4-6 months

Cheek 2-3 months

Chest Surface 6-9 months

Clitoral Hood-horizontal 6-8 weeks

Clitoral Hood-Vertical 6-8 weeks

Clitoris 4-6 weeks

Conch 2-3 months

Daith 2-3 months

Dydoe 2-3 months

Ear cartilage 2-3 months

Earl (mid brow) 2-3 months

Earlobe 4-6 weeks

Eyebrow 6-8 weeks

Foreskin 6-8 weeks

Fourchette 6-8 weeks

Frenum 2-3 months

Guiche 2-3 months

Hand Web 6-9 months

Ear Head (cartilage) 2-3 months

Labia (inner) 4-6 weeks

Labia (outer) 2-3 months

Labret 6-8 weeks

Lingual Frenulum 6-8 weeks

Lip 6-8 weeks

Lorum 2-3 months

Madison (mid-neck) 6-9 months

Navel 6-9 months

Neck (side) 6-9 months

Nipple 2-3 months

Nostril 2-3 months

Prince Albert 4-6 weeks

Pubic 2-3 months

Reverse Prince Albert 4-6 months

Rook 2-3 months

Scrotum 2-3 months

Septum 4-6 weeks

Tongue 4-6 weeks

Tragus 2-3 months

Triangle 2-3 months



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