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G2R Rides











These are the official rides of G2R

            Who drives these babies? 

Big Gary that is who!

Top picture is a new Ford F-550 Turbo Diesel Dually Big Foot

with every possible amenity

                                                                     previous G2R F-550 pictured here

24.5" Aluminum wheels & Michelins contributing to a massive 17" lift

Dual exhaust & chipped - 0 to 60 in "hold on to your ass"!


Best looking truck in these parts with no equal!



The bike is a super custom Big Brute zz4 350 crate engine V8 with

430 ponies under the hood (er-a     I guess there isn't no hood).

Top speed is over 258 mph!   Falsest street legal anything

(bike or car) in America period!

That "look" is Gary's do not fuck with him look at the 2005 Sturgis Bike Rally.

The smile is Karen, Gary's biker babe for some 24 years



This baby is Gary's Kenworth K2000 Motor home conversion that he does vacations, conventions and rallies in.

Can you say coolest 65" mobile tattoo studio in the world boys and girls?

Hauls up to 80,000 pounds at 80 mph up any mountain, set the cruse and fly!

Ever know somebody to tattoo out of the back of an old school bus?   Boy, that must be ridding in style!

Why 24 wheel?  There are 4 cycles tucked inside the unit for getting out on short excursions.

Here are two of the cycles

attracting babes!

Both of these bikes are best in show winners!


These machines like to eat pretty little pale*hummers for lunch!


Ride the biggest & badest dog or you might as well be walk-in!


*Gary knows what Hummers

are like, been there - done that

Biggest piece he ever owned

They look like an International

Travel-all from the sixties

Gary's hummer was black with

every factory option plus 10 grand more,

still a piece!  Only good thing is it tucked inside Gary's mobile tattoo studio so we took it to

Daytona Bike week in March of 2005

Longest four months of vehicle ownership in Gary's life, could not

wait to trade to a real vehicle again.  Hummers are total junk inside underneath and everywhere!

Inside every Hummer owner is a person wishing he had enough money to get back out of it again

Some can't, some do.  The lucky ones do!     Good Bye Hummer!


Does Gary seem a little proud of his fleet of fine motor vehicles?

 Maybe, but wait till he trades these in on

what he really wants!  And it aint no travel-all!


 Why does Gary need such an impressive and expensive

set of wheels to get from here to there?


The finest babes need a lift from time to time

and you should not try to haul ass any with anything less!


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Brian Hurst, Lancaster County Health Dept


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Lincoln Journal Star - Hilary Kindschun - Journalist


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Lincoln Journal Star -  Kathryn Cates Moore - Journalist