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eXotic Piercing List
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This is a list of our

most common piercings

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eXotic piercings shown

 with flaming skull & Crossbones


Healing Times

(Different than wait time to change jewelry)



Wait time before changing jewelry

Can vary greatly due to aftercare by client, no longer being sore does not mean healed. If your jewelry is uncomfortable see Gary or your doctor immediately


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4-6 months Male

horizontal penis glands piercing


Anti-Tragus 2-3 months piercing through the cartilage rim opposite the Tragus


Anti-helix 2-3 months see "Rook"
Anti-eyebrow 2-3 months upper cheek piercing performed using a micro surface bar
Apadravya 4-6 months Male

vertical penis glands piercing 

Austin bar

2-3 months horizontal nose tip piercing

Beauty spot

2-3 months upper lip piercing, to resemble a "beauty spot"

See also Monroe

Bridge 2-3 months horizontal piercing through the bridge of the nose
Cheek 2-3 months piercing through the cheek, usually to resemble a dimple
Chest bars 4-9 months a long and deep piercing through the skin of the chest
Christina 2-3 months female

pubic mound piercing

Cleavage 2-3 months female

piercing of the cleavage, usually vertically but horizontal is possible in some cases

Clitoris 2-3 months Female

Piercing of the clitoris itself is possible if the anatomy suitable

Clitoral hood 2-3 months Female

piercing of the hood of the clitoris can be done either vertically or horizontally (or both!)

Conch 2-3 months piercing through the inner shell of the ear
Daith 2-3 months inner conch ridge cartilage piercing
dermal anchor

(we call them Outplants)


Named by us long before the name Dermal was used nationally



Single point piercing


Our Outplants (dermals) and different in that they are 100% removable by the client without any tools.

Dolphin 2-3 months male

a single piece of jewelry connecting two prince Albert holes in the bottom side of the penis entering and again exiting the uthera , one deeper than the other

Dydoe 2-3 months male

penis ridge piercing


See under anatomy name




Many Possible Placements

Each ear can be pierced Ten or twenty times or more making this the king of pierce-able organs

Only the ability of the piercer limits the expression of the ears.  Gary is very good!

Ear Lobe


See Lobe below


Eyebrow 2-3 months piercing through the ridge of the eyebrow, no it cannot paralyze your face!
Foreskin 2-3 months male

piercing through the foreskin


2-3 months


rear labial piercing


2-3 months male

penis shaft surface piercing


4-6 weeks piercing through the lower lips inner web
Guiche 2-3 months male

piercing Between The Anus & The Scrotum

Hafada 2-3 months male

side scrotal piercing

Hand Web 2-3 months May be between any or several fingers in the web of the hand
Helix 2-3 months outer ear cartilage rim piercing of the upper ear
Horizontal navel 4-9 months can be done single or double. 

not to be confused with a surface piercing around the navel called a Navel Project

Horizontal tongue 2-3 months If you can wrap your tongue into a circle, forget it
Industrial 2-3 months two piercings connected by one piece of jewelry, often done in the upper ear
Isabella 2-3 months female

deep clitoral shaft piercing

Lab Mice   Nothing to do with piercings

Just checking to see if everyone is paying attention

Labia 2-3 months female

either inner or outer labia can be pierced, often done in pairs or ladders

Labret 2-3 months lower lip piercing using Stud with flat inside gun line
Lip 2-3 months Ditto above with ring instead
Lobe 2-3 months Yes it's true, ear lobes can be pierced!


Madison 2-3 months surface piercing at the base of the neck, named after the porn star Madison!
Medusa 2-3 months central upper lip piercing
Monroe 2-3 months Upper off center lip piercing

See also Beauty Spot

Nape 4 -8 months back of the neck piercing using a surface bar
Nassallang 2-3 months nostril/septum/nostril piercing
Navel 6-9 months

or longer

piercing of the "Belly button"



Navel Project 6-9 months

or longer


Navels are meant for wonderful works of art like this
Nipple 2-3 months male & Female

Piercing through the nipple, either horizontally or vertically

May be done as a single piercing or both nipples


Nose or


2-3 months

piercing through the nostril



Orbital 2-4 months two piercings connected by a single ring
Outplant 2-3 months similar to surface piercings,  only with  one exposed ball or jewel

comes in two sizes.  Can be completely removed at home by the wearer without special tools.

Outplant was pioneered and named by Gary Mayo

***Not to be confused with dermal anchors


Pocketing 2-3 months an anti-piercing, where the ends on the jewelry are under the skin and the bar is exposed
PA - Prince Albert 2-3 months male

penis piercing, going in the urethra and exiting below the glands


Princess Albertina 2-3 months female

urethral piercing

Pubic 2-3 months male

surface piercing at the base of the penis

Reverse Prince Albert 4-9 months male

penis piercing, going in the urethra and exiting through the top of the glands

Rook 2-3 months anti-helix piercing


2-3 months male

piercing through the skin of the scrotum

Septum 2-3 months centre nose piercing


Smiley 2-3 months Web Of Skin Between Upper lip and Teeth
Snug 2-3 months  inner cartilage helix fold piercing
Surface piercing 4-6 months piercing a flat area of skin, it is essential to use "surface bars" for this work, this is an Absolution specialty!
Spider Bites 2-3 months Like a lip piercing, except two on one side
Tongue 10 days

may leave in longer if you like long jewelry

piercing vertically through the tongue
tongue web 1 month piercing through the webbing under the tongue
Tragus 2-3 months piercing through the "nipple" of your ear
Transverse lobe 2-3 months piercing through the length of the lobe
Triangle 2-3 months female

piercing passing under the clitoral shaft

Venom 1 month pair of off centre tongue piercings

vertical venoms are two barbells aligned front to back

it is possible to pierce the tongue many times

Vertical bridge 2-3 months surface piercing between the eyes
Vertical labret 2-3 months vertical lower lip piercing



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