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Why is it Maco, Menards, Pittsburg Paints, and even Wal-Mart use Color Spectrum Analyzers to perfectly match colors of pigments, but tattoo artists just eye-ball it and say good enough?

The truth is, eyeing colors is never good enough, it is very much less than acceptable these days.

At Guns 2 Roses, that is never good enough.  We use two advanced computer driven machines to exactly and accurately match your tattoo color.  Is your tattoo five years old?  Done by another artist?  No matter, we can tell you the digital number of your tattoo colors to 14 million colors get the match as close to exact as possible.  We have one bench model for use with our graphics computers and another hand model.   Between the two, we will get you the same treatment you desire when you have your car worked on after a collision or you want your paint in the bedroom to match your drapes.

You can email Gary a photograph and he can tell you how many colors are in it!


Below is an example of our color match machines in use,

and we use everyday at Guns 2 Roses


Would a tattoo artist with just a bare eye see brown in this?

This red has 13 parts RGB green & 5 parts RGB blue

The human eye would never see that.


The human eye would never see a red in all that blue!

But the color analyzer did!

The eye alone would never found greens or browns in that yellow

Would an artist with just eyes alone find red in that orange?

This extra level of service comes at no extra charge at Guns 2 Roses

Would you want anything less?



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quotes from the Health Dept & newspaper about Guns 2 Roses


"Good work providing sterilized ink and tattoo machines."  

Brian Hurst, Lancaster County Health Dept


"Professionally in the safety and sterility of Guns 2 Roses"

Lincoln Journal Star - Hilary Kindschun - Journalist


"Guns 2 Roses ..... There's no chance for hepatitis"


Lincoln Journal Star -  Kathryn Cates Moore - Journalist