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Aftercare - Tattoos




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Original Art By Gary Mayo


  7 Easy Simple Steps To A Good Tattoo

You do not need to be Einstein to get a tattoo to heal

   8 steps if you really want a great tattoo!

   1: Keep your new tattoo bandaged for 1 to 4 hours. No more, no less.

The exact amount of time in the 1 to 4 hour window of time is not important, but it is

important you take care of your tattoo in that time period, do not put it off till tomorrow!

   2: Wash tattoo and surrounding areas when you remove the bandage with

warm water and liquid tattoo soap (very special soap for healing wounds, not hand soap)

for 5 minutes. Remove all surface blood, plasma, ointment and stray ink.


   3: Rinse well with cold water for 10 minutes. Showers only - No soaking!

Spend longer rinsing your tattoo inn cold water than you did washing it in warm water, very important.


   4: Dry 15 minutes with clean paper towels. No bath towel!

You need to spend more time drying your tattoo than you did rinsing it.


   5: Apply thin layer of Tattoo Goo on your tattoo.

Massage it in gently with clean hands!

Less is much better than more! Do not put on very much Tattoo Goo.  If you can see it, it is too much!


   6: Keep your tattoo clean and dry for 5 days. 

If you get it wet, you must follow all the steps above again each time you get it wet. 

Much better to let it stay free from water as long as it is clean.


   7: Reapply Tattoo Goo about three times a day for a week or so.

Remember, very clean every time you touch your new tattoo


   8: Guns 2 Roses sells Tattoo Goo

in larger tins that fit in your pocket or purse.

Some people continue to use Tattoo Goo forever, and it will make your tattoo look twice as good as it

will if you only use it while it is healing.  Think of it as wax for your car.


DONíTS for 30 days

   Donít let your tattoo dry out unless you let it scab,

then let it dry out till the scab falls off naturally.  Do not pick at it!

   Donít over saturate the tattoo with ointment.

It should be lightly glossy, not thick.

   Donít use anything we didnít recommend.


   Don't put lotion on a tattoo, EVER

Only a compensated moron would tell you to put lotion on an open wound

   Donít use Neosporin or any other type of antibiotic ointment,

as they will suck the ink out of the tattoo.


   Again, Don't use NEOSPORIN!

Unless you have a very dirty job like welding or follow Mike Rowe around all day


   Donít use a washcloth to clean your tattoo, clean bare hands only. Be gentle.

   Don't rub, scratch, slap or pick your tattoo.

   Donít suntan, or even expose it to sunlight.

   Donít listen to other people (even other tattoo artists) about aftercare.

If someone other than a doctor tells you anything about aftercare,

run like the demons from hell are after you!

   Donít soak in anything. No Baths, No Hot Tubs  No Swimming.

Tubs are best for tattoos, but keep your tattoo out of the water.


   Don't go out and get fall down drunk after getting a tattoo


A tattoo is one of the most...
Ö.dynamic symbols of self expression ever created and it is
important to rely on the expert guidance of your artist for the proper aftercare of your life-long treasure.
You were tattooed in a modern studio with sterilized instruments and pigments and, after the process, the artist dressed the tattoo with a small amount of ointment. The long life of your tattoo depends upon the care you give it during the critical first few days and weeks.
Quality tattooists worldwide have helped compile these simple directions for quick healing. However, we urge you to consult your own tattoo artist for any special instructions related to the aftercare of your tattoo.

Do not re-bandage if you can keep the tattoo clean.
Do not use Vaseline, lotions, or straight petroleum products.
Do not use Neosporin, alcohol, iodine, or anything else.
Do not rub, scratch, slap itch or pick at your tattoo.
Do not expose to sun, wind, swim, soak in sauna or steam bath or soak in bathtub for 4 weeks.
Be sure clothing, bedding touching your tattoo is clean and soft.
A tattoo should be considered minor surgery. It may bleed a bit at first but it will stop within a couple of hours. Kept bandaged for 1 to 4 hours. If the bandage sticks to the skin, soak the area with water until the bandage loosens, then remove carefully.
Once the tattoo is exposed, wash it carefully in warm temperature water,

gently applying antimicrobial soap with fingers (never use a cloth) to remove all surface blood and stray ink. Rinse with cold water, pat dry with a clean paper towel, and air-dry for 10 minutes.

3 times a day for 10 days, sparingly apply a thin layer of
ointment given to you by Gary or Tattoo Goo salve.

After 5 to 14 days, the tattoo may start to peel (this is normal, like a sunburn) and might scab. DO NOT pick or peel the skin away. Let it fall off naturally during washing or application of Tattoo Goo. Fresh skin will soon replace the dead skin. Colors may fade during the healing process, but will return when healing is completed.

The proper ointment keeps your tattoos from drying and the skin areas soft and moist. Always apply sparingly. Too much prevents the skin/tattoo from breathing, and can cause leaching of the
colors. If this happens, discontinue use, wash the tattoo, pat dry, and consult your tattoo artist at your earliest convenience.
After a few weeks, all flakey skin or scabbing will be gone, but the area may still be sensitive. Continue regular cleaning and application of ointment, for proper aftercare of your tattoo.

Exposure to the sun is the major cause of tattoo fading, but after a few months you may sunbathe in moderation. Always use a sun block (at least SPF-30 sunscreen that provides UVA and UVB protection).



These guidelines are based on a combination of professional experience, common sense, research, and extensive clinical practice. This is not to be considered a substitute for medical advice from a doctor.





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